Introducing Take me Along Dolls by LillieGiggles

Introducing Take me Along Dolls!


This is Alice. She is part of the new collections of dolls called Take Me Along Dolls.

She wants to go with you where ever you go.
She’ll sit quietly with you and giggle with you and enjoy whatever adventure you go on.

Take a photo with Alice and post on your favorite site!
How wonderful it would be to show people the fun things that you experience together.

Send me a photo of where you and Alice have been and I will posted on my Instagram. With your permission, of course!
Alice is dressed in a fun colorful top with fun creatures on it. The bottom of the top and the shorts are trimmed with a fun pink polka dot rag ruffle. Doesn’t she look so cute in her matching top and shorts set?
Alice wears pink polka dot rag ribbons in her colorful yarn pigtails. The top is snapped together with pink buttons. Alice is 12″ in height.


Buy Alice for that adventurous person who loves to travel. She would make a great gift for any child who wants a travel friend. Alice would be a colorful addition to your doll collection.

The Take me Along dolls have a very special feature…their colorful hair!

Hope Alice puts a giggle in your heart!


All dolls and and their clothes are designed and sewn by Lillie Richardson.

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