About Lillie!

Lillie Richardson

creator of LillieGiggles

When I was growing up I didn’t have a doll that looked like me. I was the oldest girl of eight children.

When my niece, Veronica, was a little girl she used to ask for her brown baby doll to fall to sleep with at night. I created my Brown Baby Rag Dolls in honor of my niece, who had a doll that looked like her. Now, little ones can have their own identifiable doll to fall to sleep with or hold tucked under their arms, where ever they go. Brown comes in many shades, so you will notice in my dolls, the various shades I have created on this site.

Now that my Niece is in college, her Brown Baby Rag Dolls sits as a part of a doll collection in her bedroom.

These one of a kind, handmade dolls were designed with the intention to put a giggle in your heart. They are stuffed for your child to play with but I also specially designed and made them as if I created one very special piece of art. I hand-draw the faces on each doll. And I have a special signature on each one too. I design and sew all the dolls and their clothes.

I also love to paint. Watercolor is my specialty.


Also on this site are Giggle Tees and Giggle cards.  My original watercolor designs printed on a t-shirt or on a card, with a positive messages. Some of the t-shirts are inspired by the lyrics of my brother Walt Richardson. Walt is an Arizona Music Hall of fame musician and songwriter. I love his music!

Buy a t-shirt for a toddler and an adult.  You will feel proud wearing the Giggle tees, especially if you like to carry happiness with you wherever you go!

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I hope you enjoy all the products at LillieGiggles and I hope they bring JOY to your life!